Going Green

Melbourne Pipelines is exploring opportunities to complete construction projects in a more sustainable fashion to minimise our ecological footprint.

As encouraged by YVW, Melbourne Pipelines have developed a greenhouse gas strategy to become greenhouse gas neutral in all construction operations .  As part of this increased environmental awareness Melbourne Pipelines have introduced or are investigating the following measures:

  • Use Powershop (100% carbon neutral) for all electricity and gas at the yard, office and workshop.

  • Office paper and cardboard recycling.

  • Recycling bins at construction sites.

  • Energy efficient globes.

  • Using recycled water for our drill rigs.

  • Silt protection of waterways.

  • Becoming 100% greenhouse gas neutral in all construction operations.

  • Coffee mugs as opposed to paper cups on-site.

  • Paperless office in relation to use of tablets for our Integrated Management System.

  • Use of solar power where efficient to do so.

  • Tree protection fencing.

  • Spill clean up practices.

Please click on these links to view our commitment to offsetting our carbon emissions and supporting Australian projects.

"Melbourne Pipeline's approach to the environment has always been a pro-active one.  From having a dedicated horticulturalist on site, through to aiming to be GHG neutral each year, they exhibit a strong commitment to environmental sustainability that forms part of the reason why we enjoy working with them" 


"Safety and environment are a strong focus for Melbourne Pipelines.... the processes in place and awareness of issues and the safety culture appear to be effective"