Donvale Backlog Reticulation, Package C



Yarra Valley Water


Donvale, Victoria



Melbourne Pipelines Team

Leigh Sinclair
Shem Macdonald
Rob Razzi
Glenn Thompson
Steve Tsotsos

There are a number of suburbs located within Yarra Valley Water’s supply area requiring reticulated sewerage services.  These areas constitute Yarra Valley Water’s sewerage backlog program. In response Yarra Valley Water has developed a strategic objective of completing their sewerage backlog program by 2025.

What we accomplished:

The scope of this project that MPL completed for Yarra Valley Water was:

  • Construction of a hybrid sewerage reticulation system for approximately 66 properties.
  • 155m of polyethylene (PE) pressure sewers up to DN63 in size.
  • 2.4km of PVC/PE gravity sewers (up to DN315 in size and up to 9m deep).
  • 39 maintenance structures up to 9m in depth.
  • A number of flushing/scour points, isolation and air valves.
  • A number of road crossings and property connections.