Social Events

At Melbourne Pipelines, beyond offering ongoing training to develop our staff, we want to offer a number of social events throughout the year to encourage an energetic culture.

We encourage a great work and life balance to ensure that MPL is a fun place to work. Throughout the year our employees should keep an eye out for these social events:

  • Christmas breakup party.
  • Lou Razzi Memorial Golf Day.
  • Various social events throughout the year.
  • AFL footy tipping competition
  • On-site barbecues throughout the year.

Past winners of the Lou Razzi Cup are:

2016 - Rob Razzi   Matt Coulson   Peter Poposki
2015 - Frank Talarico   Con Boglis   Robert Motea   Craig Scott
2014 - Andrew Bell   Rod Haines   Geoff Mate   Graeme Julier
2013 - Andrei Rigler   Joel Rigler   Calum McCarthy